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» » Advocacy on social health insurance:

Advocacy on social health insurance:

14 март 2018, Среда

As a part of outreach activities on the basis of Aktobe Medical Center, on March 14 it was held a seminar with the participation of Ongar S.K., Head of the Public Awareness and Complaints Department of the Social Insurance Fund of the NJSC «Fund for Social Health Insurance» and the director of the branch for Aktobe region of the NAS «FSMI» Kuzhaniyazova G.B.

Head of department

NAS «FSHI» Ongar S.K.

A presentation on the amendments to the law «On Compulsory Medical Insurance» adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan was presented to the attention of the employees. Lecturer Ongar Saltanat Kuanyshevna explained in detail the procedure for introducing health insurance, the volume of insurance contributions, the category of persons subjected to insurance at the expense of the state, the rules for providing types of services in the medical insurance system for various population groups, including self-employed persons. Then representatives of the Fund for Social Health Insurance answered questions from employees.

Director of the branch of NJSC «FSHI»

Kuzhaniyazova G.B.

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