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» » Training for medical organizations on updated standards of national accreditation

Training for medical organizations on updated standards of national accreditation

30 март 2018, Пятница

As a part of the preparatory work for the accreditation at the initiative of the Aktobe Medical Center (AMC), it was organized an on-site seminar for employees of medical and preventive institutions in our region on updated standards of national accreditation. The seminar was held in the period from March, 26 to 30 this year on the basis of a multidisciplinary hospital of our Center, 35 specialists from city and regional medical institutions of the region were trained.

The training was conducted by the chief specialist of the department for the implementation of accreditation standards Zharkenov Eldos Akhanovich (Accreditation Center of the Republican Ministry of Health RKRZ).

In order to be accredited, the medical organization must meet certain standards to ensure quality medical care — this is the provision of personnel, medical equipment, medicines, standards of medical services, requirements for the qualification of medical and pharmaceutical workers.

During the seminar for 5 days, medical workers studied the following sections of accreditation standards: organization and management of the process, improvement of the institutions infrastructure, drug provision, personnel policy, quality management of medical services, patient rights protection, infectious safety.

Lecturer Zharkenov E.A. detailed the theoretical material in the form of interesting presentations on the criteria for updated accreditation standards (3 revisions), practical recommendations for the implementation of accreditation standards were worked out in the class, the students received exhaustive answers to the questions posed on the interpretation of various sections of the standards.

We hope that the acquired knowledge and skills will allow specialists to ensure in their medical organizations the quality and safety of medical services for the population.

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