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The hero in the white robe

07 август 2020, Пятница
Bugenbayev Dulat has been working since 2017 as  massage therapist in the physiotherapy department of the Aktobe Medical Center. He is 34 years old, married, has two children in the family.  During his work, he proved himself only on the good side: very hardworking, conscientious about his duties. Dulat is an example of courage, self-confidence, despite his illness (visual disability), he proved that a purposeful person can achieve the goal set in life.

While studying at the medical college, he had an internship at our base  as an intern, he was distinguished by his hard work and attentive attitude to patients. Dulat was invited to work in our hospital and the team does not regret it.In 2018 Bugenbayev D. took the honorable 2nd place in the regional competition of massage therapists..  During the quarantine period, the format of the hospital's work changed, a number of employees, taking into account their elderly age, health status, were sent on labor leave on the recommendation of the administration.  Many returned to their jobs due to increased hospitalization to help their colleagues. Dulat also did not stand aside, expressed a desire to work as an orderly, prepared the relevant documents in advance, the family supported his decision.

 The management and staff of the center express deep gratitude to the Bugenbayev family: parents, spouse and sons..  THANK YOU for the reliable support and support of Dulat, which allowed him to believe in himself and realize himself in his professional activity!  Health to Dulat and his family!  We are together!

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