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Professional holiday of medical staff.

14 июнь 2019, Пятница
The importance of medicine in human life can not be overestimated - representatives of this profession have high professionalism and outstanding stamina. Doctors and nurses save tens of lives every day with their dedicated work. On weekdays and holidays, regardless of fatigue and overwork, they provide medical assistance to our population.
One of the largest diagnostic and treatment facilities in the Western region of Kazakhstan is the Aktobe Medical Center, which combines three facilities: a multidisciplinary hospital for adults with 400 beds, pediatric hospital with 240 beds, and a consultative diagnostic center for 500 visits per day. The center employs more than 1800 workers. The powerful personnel potential of the best doctors and nurses of the Aktobe region is concentrated here. There is a continuity of generations: along with experienced highly qualified specialists, young doctors of various profiles began their work here. The center is equipped with modern medical equipment in accordance with international standards

On the eve of the Day of the Medical Staff in the Aktobe Medical Cluster, a solemn meeting was held with the participation of employees of the institutions of our center. Congratulations to colleagues were made on behalf of the leadership of the Department of Health, the administration and the trade union center.
In a festive atmosphere for high achievements in work, the head physician Issayev R.K. handed: Medals of Pirogov N.I. was handed to Yelemesov A.A., head of the operating unit, K.K. Yermagambetov, head of the intensive care unit; B.A. Shagatayeva, ophthalmologist Beknazarova G.T., pediatric neurologist Dzhumasheva B.I., pediatric neurosurgeon Utegenov S.E.
Medals of "Khalyk maktanyshy" were handed to the head of the department of maxillofacial surgery of the pediatric hospital Zhanalina B.S., cardiologist of the CDC Moldakulova A.Zh., head of the daily stationary of the CDC Ermekbayeva A.Zh., head of the department of therapy Ishimova B.T., head of the pharmacy Utepbergenova S.Ya., head of the admission department Agzamova S.Zh. Medal of “Meirim”: were handed to Kuzhaniyazova A.I. the pharmaceutic of the child department.

Head of the Department of Public Health DH Tulkibayeva B.M. appealed to the staff of the center with a congratulatory speech and presented certificates to the 14 best employees for conscientious work at the Aktobe Medical Center on behalf of the Department of Health and the Regional Trade Union Committee.

Medical Director of a multidisciplinary hospital Esenzhulova A.B. congratulated our colleagues on their professional holiday and for a special contribution to the development of our center, handed a commemorative badge to the head of CDD, Dzhapakhova G.T., head of the pediatric department of CDC
Bashtovenko S.A., cardiorenatologist of a hospital for adult Aitzhanov T.T., senior nurse of the department of pathology of pregnant women B.A. Kubatayeva. The medical director of the CDC A. Bizhanova took part in the award ceremony, who presented certificates of honor to another 11 health workers on behalf of the center’s management for the success achieved in the work.

Dear medical staff, on the eve of our professional holiday, please accept sincere congratulations and wishes for good health, prosperity and further prosperity of our medicine!

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